Jose Villarreal Lamas

José is Vice President and Founding Partner of Orange Investments. He is responsible for the Business Development department.

Prior to founding the company, he began his entrepreneurial life in the real estate industry since 1998, when he partnered Lobaton projects, a renowned local firm.

José has specialized in the origination of real estate business. His expertise relies in the implementation of successful strategies for real estate projects delivered to different clients, such as governments, corporations, family offices, and private investors in the country.

Before starting his career in the real estate industry, at the age of 18, he worked in two important brokerage houses in Mexico.

He is also an active member of several national and international real estate forums and is cofounder of Catedra Orange, a business program for the Architecture School taught at Tecnologico de Monterrey since 2008.

Jose has a degree in International Commerce from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), and postgraduate studies at Babson University and Harvard Graduate School.

He runs Padrinos de Nuevo León, a local non profit organzation for kids in need.


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