Javier Govi

Javier Govi is Founder and President of AMAR- Retirement Communities Association, CEO of AMAR Consulting, CEO of Live Wellness Services and President of AMAR Friends Foundation.
He found AMAR in 2007, in Mexico, as he noticed the potential the country has for offer spaces dedicated to take care of the North American Seniors that come to Mexico to spend their retirement.
In this time, he co-found AMAR Consulting, whose function is to provide expertise to international corporations that want to develop buildings focused on “50+ Lifestyle & Friendly
In 2014, in collaboration with two operators from California, found Live Wellness Services, in order to bring to Mexico the Know-How of how to operate, administrate and commercialize buildings advocated to 50+ people.
As a complement, he found AMAR Friends Foundation, to know which are the necessities and expectances of the retirees, foreign expatriates and winter visitors who are contemplating Mexico for their retirement process.
AMAR is promoting the development of Retirement Communities with high-standard levels. Since its creation, AMAR has promoted the “Asistencia en el Retiro”, phrase used nowadays for Real Estate Corporations involved in the industry.
Javier Govi is Member of San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and Founder Member of San Diego-Tijuana Binational Business Committee, between others.


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