John McCarthy

Born in Mexico, received his degree from the school of Business Administration at La Salle University in Mexico City.
McCarthy specialized in tourism early in his career, when he became involved in the development, marketing, sales and operation of a resort project in Ixtapa
 He was later appointed  head of the Tourism Division of Bancomer,  Mexico´s largest bank.
 In February 2000, he was elected Chairman of the National Tourism Business Council.
 In December 2000, President Vicente Fox named McCarthy to the post of General Director of the National Trust for the Development of Tourism (FONATUR), where he was part of the expanded cabinet of the Mexican presidency.
 McCarthy sat, on the Board of Mexican Tourism Promotion Board, and has been a member of the Boards of the Presidente Intercontinental Hotels, Raintree Resorts International. He also sits on the Boards of Christel House de México A.C., International Cruise and Excursions Inc. and Doc Solutions.
 Currently, he is developing and marketing various resorts throughout Mexico, as well as acting as an independent consultant in tourism real state.


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