Francisco Zinser

CEO of  Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, formerly Global Chief Strategy and Development Officer and Chief Operations Officer for the NH group from 2005 through 2013 with 400 hotels and over sixty thousand rooms in 26 countries.

Bachelor in Business Administration from the Anahuac University of Mexico, Specialization in Finance, speaks three languages ​​fluently: English, Spanish and German.

He had a successful career at Grupo Posadas for 14 years working in both hotels and corporate office, last position was VP Development reporting to the CEO. Afterwards he was invited to direct as founding CEO of Group Chartwell, which became the third largest hotel group in just three years after its foundation in 1996. In 2013 he joines Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe as its CEO and together with the team they boost the company’s growth and complete a successful IPO in September 2014.  
In December 2010 he was recognized for his career by the prestiged “Cátedra de Turismo Miguel Alemán 2010” lecturing two keynote conferences.


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