Francisco Javier Cervantes Coste

Law Bachelor´s Degree – ITAM.
Deputy Director of Tourism Investment Promotion FONATUR.
Andamios Atlas S.A. de C.V, Sales Manager.
CASACOM S.A. de C.V, General Director.
PROTEL I NEXT, International Department Director.
Group SARE METRO S.A. de C.V., General Manager
Courses and Seminars he has taken include: Professional Sales Techniques by XEROX; Partnership and Selling Seminar Face by Forum Corporation and Teachers Course in Caracas, Venezuela. 
For 8 years he shared his knowledge in Professional sales Techniques Courses.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Expert in management and sales strategies; sales production, coordination and implementation; marketing; new product placement; legal conflicts resolutions.
Founding partner of PROTEL; the company was sold to TRICOM group, he acted as a direct participant of in transaction.
His hobbies include lecture, golf, ski, travel, movies, music


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